Heijunka: Leveling Your Job Shop Schedule By Controlling Mix and Constraints

Jason Van WyheAug 14, 2019

Getting your schedule under control in a job shop really implies one thing: developing systems to level your product mix and variation.

Capacity Planning in a Job Shop Using Direct Labor Hours

Jason Van WyheJan 7, 2019

Capacity planning is the crucial first step to ensuring ontime delivery, yet so many job shops get it wrong.

wood working machines

Capacity By Process

Jason Van WyheAug 6, 2019

Jobs shops have a mix of different jobs flowing through their plant at one time, often with unique routings and process times.  Calculating your capacity at each process is critical to keeping your schedule in control.

Product Mix Control Chart

Jason Van WyheJan 7, 2019

Map out your the variation in product mix, and learn to control bottlenecks in your job shop operation

Drum Buffer Rope

Jason Van WyheJul 8, 2019

Drum Buffer Rope schduling in a job shop is a key component of the elevate and subjugate phases of the Theory of Constraints.

Production Scheduling Meeting

Gantt Production Tracker

Jason Van WyheAug 14, 2019

Create a simple job shop production tracker in an Excel spreadsheet.

The Two Dimensional Production Scheduling Problem

Jason Van WyheJul 21, 2019

If you a taking a simple two dimension view of your job shop production schedule, you could be setting your plant up for failure.


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