Man problem solving

5 Things To Fix Before You Start Your Lean Journey

Jason Van WyheJan 10, 2020

Before starting any lean or continuous improvment project you should make sure your job shop business has a strong foundation in these five areas.

Man problem solving

Accountability in the Workplace

Jason Van WyheJan 21, 2020

Accountability is one of the key tennants of a well-run business. Without it, all your continuous improvement activities will fail, and your business will never achieve the success it is capable of.

blueprint of a bolt connection

Manufacturing Blueprint Improvements

Jason Van WyheJan 7, 2019

Blueprints and engineering drawings used on the shop floor need to be rendered so they are usable by workers, with clarity and efficiency in mind.

blueprint of a bolt connection

Treat Efficiency As A Currency

Jason Van WyheJul 9, 2019

Learn to treat your labor efficiency like a currency, which can be invested in removing constraints and producing even greater efficiency gains.

work in progress

Treat Work in Progress as Debt

Jason Van WyheJul 9, 2019

It is very valuable to treat Work in Progess (WIP) as a form of debt when examining it in your organization.

hidden factories productivity

Increase Productivity By Eliminating Hidden Factories

Jason Van WyheDec 1, 2020

One of the fastest ways to improve productivity, capacity, quality, and on-time delivery in a job shop is through the removal of your hidden factories.

plasma cutting table

Case Study: Plasma Cutting Table

Jason Van WyheDec 16, 2020

First installment of our case studies series, detailing a operational excellence event success with a plasma table.


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