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Capacity Planning0

The first step to improving your on time delivery is to make sure you have calculated your capacity correctly.

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Gemba Walk Revisited0

Take a fresh look at your Gemba walk and find ways you can get all areas of your management team engaged.

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Manufacturing Blueprint Improvements0

Your engineered drawings need to be usable by your shop floor employees or you will pay with plant efficiency




Image depicting man with lean options in front of him Welcome to Job Shop Lean Manufacturing! While there is a wealth of information online about the implementation of lean manufacturing in traditional continuous flow operations, there is very little accurate information regarding it's application to job shops. Our goal is to change that, and provide high quality articles and tools to get your business started down the path of continuous improvement.

Job shops present their own unique set of operational challenges, which include:

  • Bottlenecks move in the shop based upon jobs being run and product mix
  • Flow of information to the shop floor, including engineering drawings, is critical but often lacking
  • Difficult to synchronize the flow of materials with a production schedule that is constantly changing
  • Creating realistic job estimates and shop floor accountability metrics is problematic
  • Quality can be inconsistent and difficult to measure
  • Lead time is often longer than customers want, and on-time delivery inconsistent
  • Many of the lean and six sigma tools often employed in conventional manufacturing do not convert into the high variation, low batch size operations

Most of our articles are written by operations professionals with years of hands-on experience.  So while we will occasionally delve into the theoretical aspects of lean, our focus is on providing practical examples you can apply to your business.


Getting a continuous improvement program started in your job shop can to be quite a daunting task. Below are the articles you should start with on your road to lean success.

Want to learn more about implementing lean and continuous improvement in a job shop environment?  You've come to the right place.  Job Shop Lean Manufacturing is dedicated to implementing continuous improvement in a job shop environment... READ ABOUT US


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